John Shelton Primary School

Briscoe Road, Coventry, CV6 4JP. Tel:02476686063

Welcome to John Shelton Primary School

The information on this web site is intended to tell you about our school, what matters to us and show you why we are so proud of all that we do and achieve.

Our school motto is ‘Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it!’ This is at the heart of everything that we do. Each of our children is precious, unique, a marvel! We want each and every one to reach for the stars!

We believe in high standards in every area of school life and parents who choose to send their children to John Shelton are expected to support us in encouraging our children to do their best and to be the best in everything they do and in promoting good behaviour. This is important, educating our children is a partnership and it requires effort from us all.

Everyone in our school community has a voice and a right to be heard. Please remember, we are always ready to listen. We have worked with the children to produce a video telling you about the school and how they feel about it, please see below.

We are proud of our school and the children and want to share this with you.


Robbie Walker




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